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Designer and front end web dev for Walk Score, a site that measures the walkability of any address and promotes car free living. We've got a lot of cool vis projects, and some of the fun things we work on include Bike Score, transit analysis, APIs for map projects, iPhone app for consumers, etc.

I'm super lucky to work with a bunch of ninjas. Our shop uses git, chef, python, php (legacy), WordPress, SASS, etc. I'm a front end dev, had a lot of fun designing our iPhone app and mostly just fill in where the team needs me using a decade or so of freelance *nix web dev.

In love with git. Goal: get more awesome at SASS, project management and product development.

Check it (nerdy stuff): - apartment search filtered by a "commute shed" of 23 minutes by public transit from a location (you can overlay multiple commutes to narrow search) - road network travel time traversal visualization, enter your location and see how far you can get on foot or other mode within a given time - heatmap overlays for bike scores, lanes, hills, and bike commuters for major US & Canadian cities. Walk Score iPhone app - designing for retina, something I'd love to do MORE of. Checkout the commute time visualizations in the apartment search :D

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