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Ryan Conrad

A senior software engineer at The Savo Group. An Android / Desktop / Web Application developer in free time.

I am the creator, lead (and typically the only) developer of Droid Explorer.

$ su
# getprop
Nexus 6P
# getprop
# getprop my.device.model.number
# getprop my.device.has.root
root not found
# getprop my.device.recovery
# getprop
Android 7.0
# getprop list.all.devices

  1. HTC Dream (ADP1)
  2. Huawei Ascend (M860)
  3. LG Optimus S
  4. Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (SGH-T959)
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab
  6. Viewsonic gTab
  7. Samsung Galaxy SIII
  8. Samsung Galaxy Note II (SGH-T889)
  9. LG G3 (LG-D851)
  10. Nexus 6P