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Hi, I'm Shaun! I enjoying creating software. I started my career in enterprise integration (think: camel, activemq, java). Nowadays, I typically work on back end data systems (databases, datastores, publishing, infrastructure).

I work on the data engineering team, at (beep beep).

In my formative years I was primarily interested java, Eclipse and maven, and I also use to dink around in Python, Perl, Bash Scripts, Windows Scripts, HTML, javascript, PHP, CSS, C, ASP, VB, C#, OSGi, PDE, RCP...and the list goes on.

Since 2017, I've gone back end to front end and and back again, working on service engineering teams (tomcat, spring, java) to front end teams (react, redux, bootstrap) and finally back again to where I am now on data engineering (spark, spark-sql, databricks, scala).

I use to blog here and here is my gitlab account here if you want to see some of the open source stuff I've done.

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