I have owned and operated small businesses for the last 18 years and my background is in marketing and graphic design. Strong technological knowledge is increasingly becoming a necessity for the operation of businesses and organizations. With the rapid development of Cloud, IT, AI, the Gig Economy, and Blockchain-based solutions, this need will only increase.

I have been fascinated by the complex systems of macroeconomics, finance, currency, and technology for many years. I find that the developments in the decentralized world combining these aspects incredibly exciting and somewhat fortuitous. My curiosity and mental noodling exposed me to Bitcoin and I have been working my way into the decentralized blockchain space as rapidly as I can.

A persistent love of tech, computers and programming has led me to expand my abilities in development and programming preparing for the next leg of my career. I intend on getting to the leading edge of the next evolutionary step in the information-based economy, so I can partake in the opportunities that will arise.

My goal is to apply technical blockchain development skills to real-world businesses and use cases. Spending the last few years self-teaching programming; Python, Bash, Docker, Haskell etc, as well as working my way through Udacity’s AI for Finance and Blockchain Developer Nanodegrees, I am getting close to the end of this step toward achieving my goals.

On a personal note, I grew up on a cattle ranch in a tight-knit family environment. The Robertsons homesteaded in Teton County, Wyoming in 1892. With a deep love and appreciation for Wyoming and the outdoors, I spend as much time as I can; mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing and horseback riding with my family.

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