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Jack is the Cyberinfrastructure Coordinator for WV Science and Research, a Division of the WV Higher Education Policy Commission, and a senior research staff member of the Center for Environmental, Geotechnical and Applied Sciences (CEGAS) at Marshall University, where he regularly conducts grant-funded research and adjunct teaching on a part-time basis. Jack supports research computing for higher education throughout the state, works close with WV’s regional research and education network (WVNET), and is currently a member of the WV Broadband Enhancement Council. Jack has been an XSEDE Campus Champion since 2009, served two terms on the Leadership Team and was a recipient of an ECSS Fellowship in 2012 and 2016 under the Campus Champion program.

Jack has been the technical lead on several grant-funded projects, most recently involving the modeling of Appalachian watersheds and a HUBzero-based collaborative portal (Aquavit) to support a statewide effort. Many other projects involved the development of Virtual Reality environments for team-based training. He also helps support scientific applications for Marshall’s high-performance computing cluster (Big Green) and their Visualization Lab. On occasion, he teaches parallel computing and big data analytics for the College of Information Technology and Engineering as an adjunct.

Jack received his PhD in Chemical Physics from the University of Florida in 1978, where he was a member of the Quantum Theory Project and developed a localized approach to the electronic structure and dynamics of large and extended systems. He received his BS in Chemistry and Math from Purdue University in 1971.

Before taking early retirement in 2003, Dr. Smith was a Senior Research Scientist with the Dow Chemical Company (formerly Union Carbide) at the Technical Center in South Charleston, WV, where he specialized in the application of computational chemistry and cheminformatics to catalyst R&D. He also led the Advanced Technical Computing initiative in the late 80’s that introduced a variety of new technologies to R&D and engineering at Union Carbide, including computational chemistry, computational fluid dynamics, dynamic process simulation, scientific visualization, supercomputing, and the Internet.

Following retirement and before venturing back into academia, Jack was involved in various business startups within WV, including: Spatial Integrated Systems; Rampant Technology Partners; Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research and Innovation Center (MATRIC); Certus Scientific; and AgileAg. During this time he had the opportunity to work on various contract R&D projects with NASA and the Navy, including the development of software for the autonomous navigation of unmanned vehicles using 3D sensors.

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