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caird coinheringaahing

profile for caird coinheringaahing on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites

I am very clearly a dog. Do not argue.

Here are a few lists for you to consider:

Why I upvote posts

I have 3 reasons that I upvote posts (especially on code golf)

  • The post is in a language I've written
  • The post is in a language I'm learning, and is well explained
  • The post is incredibly impressive, such as this one

Why I downvote posts

As a general rule, I don't downvote, and if I do, I always leave an explanation. These are the main reasons I downvote a post:

  • The challenge is an interesting challenge, but I/O rules or extra requirements make it a chameleon challenge.
  • I've had to delete an answer due to drastic changes in the spec
  • The challenge is blatantly off-topic or spam

The languages I've made (in order of "would I ever use this again")

Languages I'm learning (in order of "how much I know them")