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Should questions about legality be on topic?
24 votes

Good question, especially in a time when new and confusing regulations are being drafted by the day. I'm thinking yes. As long as it is prefaced by the disclaimer that this forum isn't responsible ...

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What type of campaign message was used, to attract 17 new users within 1 hour?
23 votes

Ah, yes. That must look highly suspicious from the outside. I've been working with a YouTuber (Joshua Bardwell, aka. The FPV Know-It-All) who makes videos about drones and FPV flight on his channel (...

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Should questions asking for support for a specific software suite or firmware be on-topic?
17 votes

This is a very good question. Personally, I feel the answer should be yes... in most cases. I think it is easy to agree that bug reports and associated issues with software packages should go on their ...

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Is the focus Technical or General?
Accepted answer
16 votes

Yes, that is correct. The intended focus of this site proposal is to be technical. As seen in the example questions which have received acclaim so far, we want this to exclude questions such as your ...

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How does the topic of this site differ from Aviation, Electric Engineering and Robotics?
4 votes

My concept for what this proposal would turn into if it passed into the beta stage is a forum where questions and resources which technically fall into the purview of other SE sites, like the ...

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