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Literature or Books?
7 votes

Total disagreement TL;DR: Literature and books are two very different things. We should not use the most popular medium of literature as title. All the example questions are about literature. Books....

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How can we draw more attention to Literature?
6 votes

Spread the word, use the community ad feature of the sites you already participate in. We just got the first referral from ELU :)

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Are graphic novels on topic (specifically non scifi/fantasy)?
4 votes

Interesting question. Generally most example questions would easily fit such works too. Thus, we would need a community decision on meta in the private or public beta to discern if the site views ...

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Are microcontroller processors on-topic here?
Accepted answer
3 votes

We are going into beta now and it's up to the iot.meta to answer scope questions. If the CM3 is in an IoT device it might be on-topic but personally I don't see microcontrollers generally on-topic.

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Promote Agriculture & Farming
3 votes

Create Community Ads on relevant other sites like this one for the literature.se on English.se. Appropriate SE sites could be gardening, sustainable living, anything to do with cooking, plants or ...

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Is there any "bonus" for being the original proposer?
2 votes

No, you don't get any reputation on the site. You'll however have garnered enough Area 51 reputation that you get an association bonus on the site, so you'll start with 101 reputation into the ...

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