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I love building systems - early prototypes particularly welcomed. Love Kubernetes, Terraform, Python, Django, Flask, Docker. Mildly indifferent to Helm, but it's the best of a bad bunch. Infrastructure as Code, let's go.

Contracting at BT at present, not looking for roles.

I used to work in Government, but left in 2011 to do something more fun and socially useful. As a career changer, I have strong consultancy and facilitation skills, which helps build the thing you need, not what you think you want. They're not always the same.

Founded (and killed) (football analytics), CloudFund (crowdfunded investment vehicle), and worked on Spacehive (world's first civic crowdfunding platform),as well as some other startups' early phases.

I'm also experienced in technical writing for R&D Tax Credits and InnovateUK/H2020 grant funding, and am an accredited Better Business Case practitioner.

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