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I am a mobile developer from Ireland interested in Android mainly. I learned my trade with C initially, then tried VB6 (which I didn't think too much of), then went on to C++, while briefly touching a few other languages on the side, namely HTML, PHP, MySQL, perl, python, ASP, ASP.NET. I enjoy web programming on occasion, but I am really interested in mobile development. Initially, I learned the basics of iPhone/Ojective-C, but since getting my first Android in 2011, I got into Android development and have really taken a shine to it. I have also written code for Blackberry devices. I don't have any java background so I'm happy to learn java via Android. I enjoy it and think it's fun.

As part of a previous college project, I started a blog to keep track of what I have learned. I don't get much visits but it's meant more as a potential addition to my resumé, if I manage to write anything of note!! Please feel free to visit it at and correct my many coding mistakes!

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