Keshava GN

B.E. graduate, Senior Embedded Software developer, Have more than 6 years experience in Embedded Software development (BSP, drivers and applications) including Windows CE, Windows, Linux, ThreadX RTOS, UEFI, BIOS etc, living in Bengaluru, India.

Was awarded with Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) from 2016 to 2018 in Windows Development (Windows Embedded/IoT).

Currently working on Azure IoT.

See my 'technical' blog "Windows Embedded Compact 7"

About Me : about.me/keshavagn

If needed, contact me on: keshavagn AT iwavesystems.com or keshava DOT gn AT gmail DOT com

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From Sullia, D.K and now in Bangalore, India. My B.E. degree was from KVGCE, Sullia. (V.T.U).

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