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I am an aspiring author. I plan to write fiction, primarily fantasy and science fiction.

Writing and Worldbuilding have helped me tremendously in this endeavor, and I was sure I had found a chain of websites where people often disagreed, but pursued answers with logic, courtesy, and respect.

While this could not be more true of the users of the SE websites, it has recently become clear that the owners of SE - although claiming to support such ideals - in fact do the opposite. Their outward actions finally caught up with their inward ideals recently, causing many to realize what kind of people they are. As a result, many of our moderators have resigned their privileges or left the network completely. As far as I know, this has left many sites overwhelmed with un-moderated content, and two sites, Writing and Blender, with no moderators at all.

You can read a recounting of events at the link below.

Fortunately, there are people who feel similarly. Those people have created an alternative to Writing SE, also linked below. And I have created an official discord for that website, and the transition from SE, also linked below. If you support Monica Cellio, and can no longer continue supporting SE with your contributions, then please consider moving to the new website linked below. Join the discord and say hello. We're all there, including the moderators who left Writing and Monica herself.

Recounting of events:

New website:

Discord channel:

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