I was a monk aspirant who decided to pursue a career in the secular world as a Social Worker. As such, I am committed to the alleviation of suffering, to empowering or teaching/training others to overcome their own suffering, to improving conditions for those who suffer due to unnecessary social imbalance, and to recognizing the degree to which I effect change in the world, with the understanding that it ought to be a change that results in awareness and liberation.

I am committed to the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction model, which is essentially Vipassana in an operational or clinical setting. I have a strong inclination therefore to practice MBSR and all forms of "3rd wave psychotherapy" (which are all mindfulness based) as a model to practice. I intend to open up a clinic where teaching, practising, connecting MBSR to other services and institutions, and offering retreats to students for MBSR (and via the Vipasanna Meditation folks) will be the central focus.

I am also an open source and digital security enthusiast with a strong belief in the value of open technology information, and culture.

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