I have a Drupal background, an open source CMS and I'm the author of the Comparison of Charting modules. I'm a co-maintainer of these charting related modules, for which my major goal is to implement Chart 2.0:

I'm the (new) project owner of these distributions/modules:

  • ArrayShift (+ related module and theme), a distribution to create question/answer sites similar to the sites on the StackExchange platform (only for D6 today, about to be upgraded to D7, D8 planned).
  • Visitors, which also includes charting features but without depending on any of the typical charting modules.
  • Visualize, a tiny charting module, only available for D6 today, but about to be upgraded to D7 also.
  • CSV Chart (depends on Chart), to add charts in a node (no need for the PHP code filter ...). Still D5-only, to be upgraded to D6/D7 soon.

I'm also a co-maintainer of the forena module, for which I created most of its community documentation, and contributed a major upgrade of its documentation, about how to configure, use and extend it.

Refer to my Profile on Drupal.org for more details and/or for contacting me.

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