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Academia should learn how to adapt to the existence of the internet rather than online communities going out of the way to accommodate academia. Thus I don't care if a user is homework groveling. If I find the question interesting, I'll give it a go.

Answers on this site are not given for the sole purpose of appeasing the OP. Stack Exchange strives to be an encyclopedia of answers to questions. Answers to the OP's question need not be understandable to the OP, as answers are written to be referenced in the future by anyone.

In line with the last clause, since answers need not be intelligible to the OP, the OP need not provide context to appease a "OP has done enough work" requirement. However, the OP may get a comprehensible answer if they do provide context, but to do so is their free choice.

In addition, it is not StackExchange's responsibility to enforce copyright. We can only adhere to copyright. I believe questions for references are perfectly legitimate, and answers are only to be removed when we receive an indictment of copyright violation (has pointing to a reference become a crime yet?).

I want pearls not sand on our M.SE. I dislike questions to which answers can be found by a quick Google search.

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