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Working in the world of .NET for longer than I care to remember, started back in the days of VB6 (shudder...) and VB.NET (still shudder...) until I saw the light and transferred to C#. Along the way, I've picked up SQL Server, HTML/CSS, Javascript and all sorts of things in between.

I'm a co-organiser of Skeptics in the Pub Online where we have been bringing weekly talks to the skeptic (and beyond) community, and we even won an award for it!

Personally, I'm a pedant, a skeptic, an atheist and a lover of science. Not necessarily in that order.

If I've helped you and you really want to thank me outside of Stack Overflow, then please consider donating to one of these charities first:

And please let me know you've donated so I can thank you personally. If for some reason you still want to thank me directly, then you can buy me a coffee!

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