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I am the author of files 498, 758, 775, and 788 (formerly known as the MA1K MQ SupportPac) on the CBTTAPE web site, and was one of the winners of the 2000 International Obfuscated C Code Contest. Over the last 25+ years, I have been paid to write code in the following languages:

  • Assembler (z/OS)
  • BASIC (DEC, GW, Quick, PDS)
  • C (z/OS, OS/2, Windows, HP-UX)
  • CList
  • COBOL (OS/VS, VS II, OS/390 and VM, Enterprise)
  • Java (1.2 on Windows, 1.3 on z/OS)
  • MARK IV (z/OS)
  • Perl (Windows, z/OS)
  • PL/I (z/OS)
  • PL/SQL (Oracle on HP-UX)
  • Rexx (OS/2, Windows, z/OS)
  • RPG II (Burroughs)
  • SAS (Windows, OS/2, z/OS)
  • Smalltalk (OS/2)
  • SQL/PL (DB2 on z/OS)
  • Unix shell script
  • VBScript

I have presented multiple times at SHARE and from 2010 through 2013 I was one of the Project Managers for the Languages and Language Environment SHARE project.