A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

for questions about advertising your proposal around the Internet.
8 questions
Meta questions about where to ask a specific question within the series of Stack-Exchange sites (when a matching site cannot be found)
52 questions
3 questions
For questions related to proposals in Arabic.
18 questions
Questions about Area 51 itself.
The Arts category includes proposals in subjects like visual art, performance art, humanities, media, literature, and music.
127 questions
0 questions
for questions about badges at Area 51
15 questions
describe an error, flaw, failure, or fault on the Area 51 main site.
144 questions
The Business category includes proposals in subjects like management, economics, and markets.
66 questions
4 questions
Used when asking for a change to a proposal.
9 questions
4 questions
for questions concerning proposals that have been closed.
46 questions
for questions about questions that have been closed.
16 questions
for questions about closing either questions or proposals
31 questions
5 questions
For questions related to the commitment accepted by users on proposals.
89 questions
for questions about people who commit to proposals, or who might commit to a proposal.
15 questions
0 questions
5 questions
for questions concerning the planning of a proposal before creating it.
2 questions
The Culture category includes proposals in subjects like language, religion, society, groups, and politics.
alert users that the topic discussed is part of a proposal that is still in the definition phase.
21 questions
for questions about proposals that have been deleted.
36 questions
for questions about questions that have been deleted.
6 questions
Discussion and questions about the design of the Area 51 website
15 questions
For general user discussions about Area 51. If the discussion can be covered by a different tag, consider using that tag instead.
305 questions
Dedicated domain name for a new Stack Exchange Site
2 questions
for questions about downvoting
13 questions
helps to identify possible duplicate proposals.
48 questions
0 questions
6 questions