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11 votes

Would Area51 Be More Effective Without Down Votes?

Unfortunately, no — Area 51 would not be more effective without down-votes under the current process. Yes, we might be able to push more proposals through, but without a means of expressing ...
9 votes

What is tactical voting?

"Tactical voting" is an attempt to drive a proposal through at any cost by directing participants to vote optimally and robotically rather than trying to determine if a subject has enough avid users ...
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6 votes

Using Stack Exchange for Survey or Opinion?

No, a site based entirely on a survey of user opinion — and similar ideas soliciting alternative content — aren't currently a good fit for a Stack Exchange Q&A site. Apart from the ...
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4 votes

Why does upvoting in area51 give 5 rep rather than 10 rep?

Area 51 runs on a very old Stack Exchange codebase, so changes on regular Q&A sites aren't always ported over. One of the reasons could be (but I'm just speculating) that the change on regular Q&...
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