Honestly, when I first saw the proposal, I thought of stars and space and stuff. Now I realize that that's not it and that the title can be a little misleading, so I would suggest changing it slightly to make it clearer!


Your question is about whether or not "electric vehicles" is more likely to survive, than the more specific topic "Tesla". In order to survive to the next stage you are going to need a lot of followers and a lot of questions with 10 upvotes each. This is more likely if people who drive electric cars that are not made by Tesla (such as the Nissan Leaf and ...


It is likely you are going about this backward and it's one of the leading reasons proposal fail or get closed. When you submitted a proposal for a site, you were asked to demonstrate that you already had a community organized ready to build it. That is who you should be asking these questions; not here. If you are just starting that process now, the ...

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