Yes, that is correct. The intended focus of this site proposal is to be technical. As seen in the example questions which have received acclaim so far, we want this to exclude questions such as your examples: "Which is the best starter model", and "How do I recover my model from x location"


It differs in that it will have a concentration of people who can answer the questions. In my experience: Aviation isn't much good at answering questions about the practical applications of aerodynamics. It's a reasonable place to go for theoretical answers, but the practical experience of the userbase is limited to large fixed-wing aircraft. LiPo battery ...


I'm thinking it's probably best not to allow for recommendations. Alongside the fact that it's frowned upon in many other communities, there's really no true answer for such a question so picking best answer and such could be tough. Plus the extra moderation you mentioned would most likely be difficult for our small community to handle. Maybe ...

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