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12 votes

How quickly can a proposal go into private beta?

I'd say that the move from proposal to commitment for the Monero proposal was only so fast because we've had a failed proposal already. Bolstered by that failure, the community was determined not to ...
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Deep Learning Forum Proposal

The only way folks can know for sure what you are proposing is to submit a proposal and post some example questions. See How to create a new proposal in Area51? But if you are envisioning a forum for ...
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7 votes

'% Answered' does not show the correct value in site statistics

Five months later, fedorqui pointed me in the right direction. Emmet (former SE dev) posted an answer in 2011 that explains it: Do the statistics show on Area 51 include also the closed questions? ...
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What has happened to the "visits per day" stats, they look unrealistically low?

A major changes to Google Analytics infrastructure has been done which caused the issue which is status-completed now. As answered by the developer, Dean Ward at Traffic (views, visits) isn't ...
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How quickly can a proposal go into private beta?

ProofAssistants did the Define phase in about 1 day 1 hour and Commit phase in about 1 day 22 hours and 30 minutes If I had know this Q&A existed before now I would have taken a more timely ...
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3 votes

Health indicators are no longer being displayed for recently released Beta sites

I got Adam to look into the settings for this. The ratings info doesn't populate until the site's been in beta for 30 days. We want people to focus on the work of building a site, not getting graded ...
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How quickly can a proposal go into private beta?

According to this post from 2014, the current record holds the Craft CMS proposal which made to private beta in only 12 days. The second fastest site to go from initial proposal to private beta is ...
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