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Should this still exist?

That's not a proposal, it's a live site One that's been around for over 8 and a half years ... or about 7.5 years longer than you have been ;) Pretty sure SE management knows it's low-traffic, and ...
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Research about minimum requirements in beta sites

Those metrics were just fabricated when Area 51 was created. They may have been tweaked over the early years of Area 51, but have not been messed with in a long time. There was no research that could ...
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Beta Dashboard for Metrics: Private vs Public Beta

The benchmarks for success were applicable to sites in Public Beta about a decade ago, back when the expectation was that every site would be as wildly successful as StackOverflow. These days, once a ...
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Private Beta Requirements

There's an answer here on Meta Stack Exchange by former staff member @TimPost. The first sentence is the most important: I hate to put even arbitrary numbers out there because folks tend to fixate on ...
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