When I committed, I was asked to enter my name and my email. Even though I used the same email address that I used for all other StackExchange accounts, it wasn't able to recognize me. This is a bug in Area51. Below I explain a strategy to reduce the chance of this happening, and a solution if it does happen: First sign into StackExchange: https://...


I used my Google account to create my user i was able to see my profile has unregistered and i wasn't able to login. To fix it I use an anonymous tab in chrome and registered my user again, then i re login and was able login. Probably a cookie that created an inconsistency in the system


This morning, another user had exactly the same problem with exactly the same error message (sharing with his permission): He eventually got it working by switching from Firefox to Chrome: It's very strange though, that by doing this his 3-month old account (see above screenshot) was replaced by a new account active "since today", and the new account was ...

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