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Could this be merged with Weapons?

Yes I think so! Firearms never made it out of beta the first time. Or the second or third times either. Weapons is a bit more broad, and so we'll be able to share our knowledge, and our userbase.
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Monero, Litecoin, other cryptocurrencies... Should be merged with Bitcoin SE

I cannot say for sure that we would never merge the current (largely successful) crypto-coin sites, but at this juncture, it DOES appear that that ship has sailed. The current crypocurrency sites (...
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Is there interest in a general "Semitic languages" site?

A Semitics forum would be welcome. Moderation could be done as a team. I think that there may be a great benefit for allowing not only language learners to post, but also to encourage scientists and ...
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Merge to "Arms & Armor?"

From the Weapons proposal here. I'm all for it - it seems like there are three proposals that are pretty much the same thing. It looks like your question is downvoted though - maybe someone should ...
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Monero, Litecoin, other cryptocurrencies... Should be merged with Bitcoin SE

I think it would make sense to merged them all into a single one called "Cryptocurrencies" or even "blockchain". I dont see why this would be confusing. You can perfectly deal with bitcoin, ethereum ...
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Starting new versus joining and supporting existing beta community

The Area 51 FAQ page answers the question: Should my idea be part of an existing site, or its own site? In general, if a site makes sense as part of a bigger site, it's better to have one big ...
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Could this be merged with Weapons?

That's great idea. Currently there is Weapons proposal, it's almost at the end of Definition stage. Hopefully in the next month, we'll move into Commitment stage.
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Is "Programming Languages" a duplicate of "StackOverflow" and/or "Programmers"?

4.5 years later, it's been proposed again: Programming Languages Not sure why it hasn't been closed as a duplicate (again) yet :| Stack Overflow, CS.SE, CSTheory.SE, and Software Engineering all exist ...
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Monero, Litecoin, other cryptocurrencies... Should be merged with Bitcoin SE

Cryptocurrencies is one thing, and BitCoin is another thing. Ethereum is one thing as well. But ALL of them together would cause havoc and confusion, as many of them have completely different use ...
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