My plans are to develop an open source Chrome Extension+Firefox addon+ UserScript, that make StackExchange works in Hebrew and other RTL languages. All what it is doing is to override the style and make it RTL. And also translate some basic buttons (Questions, Answers, Ask Question, etc'...) If the team of StackExchange will see the extension and like it. ...


May 12 '15: standing up a new site doesn't take a lot of work. Jun 17 '15: each new site is an enormous undertaking What happened between May and June of 2015 that changed the situation so drastically? Do you need help?


Here you can see the excellent answer given to this question https://spanish.stackexchange.com/questions/4944/cual-seria-la-traduccion-de-nice-great-y-good-question/4960#4960 Nice Question => Buena pregunta Good Question => Gran pregunta Great Question => Excelente pregunta Taken from the portuguese-stackoverflow translation Pregunta Favorita => ...


Yes, it would be okay. The term "too localized" was never mean to limit questions to only larger geographic regions. We no longer use that as a reason to close but, yes, question about specific regional laws would (hypothetically) be allowed.


It is possible, see currently prospering proposal Semitic Languages

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