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Its good that you brought this up, however, Area 51 is not the right place to discuss very specific site policies. It would be better to hold this off till private beta starts. Still, to answer your questions : Will questions (and answers) be edited to reflect this "fact"? Yes, they certainly should be. Stack Exchange is a network of (mostly) ...


Yes. There isn't a direct link to click on, but you can reconstruct the URL path to bring up the revision history for any post. Under the example question, click the link menu. The URL (listed at the top of your browser) will look something like this: ← the post id That last ...


The proposal author and higher-reputation users can edit the proposal. For minor corrections, you also have the option of flagging the proposal for moderator attention. (see Area 51 FAQ editing)

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible