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It's on-topic on Deep Web, so please join the private beta

I agree that there is some overlap, but in a very real way it's like saying that the Raspberry Pi Stack shouldn't exist because the SuperUser Stack already has 1728 Raspberry Pi questions;) I think ...
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Possible Duplicate of Cognitive Science

The Cognitive Sciences StackExchange was formed by merging previous "Psychology", "Psychiatry", and "Cognitive Science" proposals. ...
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7 votes

Isn't DevOps a duplicate of Server Fault?

A useful parallel may be to look at security.SE. Are there security questions on SO? Yes. Are there security questions on SF? Yes. But security.SE provides a home for questions that don't fit ...
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How many times is "covid-19" going to be proposed?

However, in each of these cases, it was a completely new person launching the proposal. We cannot expect that they'll have seen what was proposed and deleted last week. They also have no way to ...
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History repeats itself (sometimes)

The announcement posted by JNat on the now closed article reads: You are welcome to resubmit an application to create a Stack Exchange site, but please refrain from creating additional accounts in ...
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Is Lighting Design proposal a duplicate of Electrical Engineering SE?

No, Lighting Design is something completely different. Lighting design is also known as 'stage design'. A light show is an example of lighting design and nothing to do with electrical engineering. ...
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5 votes

Isn't DevOps a duplicate of Server Fault?

Questions on culture, process and organizational structure are not covered by the other sites. Large part of DevOps are the theories like systems thinking, theory of constraints, theory of scientific ...
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4 votes

Darknet vs. I2P

The relationship is that "Darknet" is a re-creation of the "Deep Web" proposal, which failed in private beta at least in part due to being poorly focused. "I2P" is an attempt to solve the focus ...
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Is Lighting Design proposal a duplicate of Electrical Engineering SE?

Lighting design is a duplicate of electrical engineering in much the way that sculpting is a duplicate of mechanical engineering.
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Is "Programming Languages" a duplicate of "StackOverflow" and/or "Programmers"?

4.5 years later, it's been proposed again: Programming Languages Not sure why it hasn't been closed as a duplicate (again) yet :| Stack Overflow, CS.SE, CSTheory.SE, and Software Engineering all exist ...
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Possible Duplicate of Cognitive Science

See my question "How can I help my bipolar friend?". Cognitive sciences may investigate how human sensation, cognition and information proccessing work but I think that personal advice, situation ...
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What about Robotics?

Robotics != AI Basically robots are just containers for AI, so AI topic should have its own branch. See: What is the difference between AI and robots? Btw. The proposal now has been started, please ...
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