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In addition to your four questions (prior to this one), you've also had six additional questions which have since been removed through the routine maintenance of proposals. At some point, you must have had five active questions on the site at once to earn the badge. Even if you've since dropped below that that prerequisite five… once a badge is ...


Here you can see the excellent answer given to this question Nice Question => Buena pregunta Good Question => Gran pregunta Great Question => Excelente pregunta Taken from the portuguese-stackoverflow translation Pregunta Favorita => ...


Patience grasshopper the results say you got your badge 4 minutes after posting your question here.


This isn't just on Area 51 only you can check another meta site and those same badges are listed example Ask Ubuntu Meta. It seems like the meta site badge list is just a duplicate of the main site's badge list located here Ask Ubuntu Main so it listes all the badges even if some can't be awarded. Area 51 Meta is based off the child-meta site format (Because ...


This is by design, as far as I can tell. You have 6 bronze badges on your Area 51 main profile, and 1 silver + 2 bronze badges on your Area 51 Meta (Discussion Zone) profile. The accounts section in your profile (the image you attached is your Meta profile) shows your main site profile, so, as expected, it shows 6 bronze badges. In terms of badges, a ...


Reputation is Recalculated Every 24 Hours To partly answer my own question. It seems like the reputation is updated once every 24 hours. So, although you can manually update your reputation, this can only be done once a day.


There are no plans to change the 'analyst' badge. The core software and badge system was derived from the main Q&A code. It's better to preserve as much of the consistency as possible, even if everything does not apply seamlessly.


Thank you for the suggestion. Your idea has merit, but the Area 51 system is in the sunset of its development so we will not be adding additional features/badges to this system until a next-generation system has been developed. You can read the latest on the future of site creation here: What's going on with Area 51? It is highly unlikely that a next-...


Area 51 is not a knowledge-building Q&A site where you're necessarily supposed to aspire to become an avid "expert site builder." It wasn't a behavior we were striving for. Area 51 was supposed to be about groups of experts in a specific field getting together to build a site. So, long story short, much of the functionality was retained to make this ...

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