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How can I find a previous proposal that was closed?

Proposals are deleted 30 days after they get closed to keep the system clean. Only proposals that made it into a private beta are kept in the system perpetually. It's not possible for users to look at ...
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Private Beta Requirements

There's an answer here on Meta Stack Exchange by former staff member @TimPost. The first sentence is the most important: I hate to put even arbitrary numbers out there because folks tend to fixate on ...
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Is there any appetite for a Stack based on AI Art?

You might be interested in GenAI Stack Exchange. This site was phased into the public beta stage the last week. It hasn't an Area 51 site proposal as it follows a different process that was explained ...
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Is there any appetite for a Stack based on AI Art?

Is there any appetite for a Stack based on xxx? As users of A51, we simply can not tell. What matters is not whether the people on Stack Exchange want a Stack for a certain topic. What matters is ...
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How do I find a community or organization "eager and willing" to build my site?

The "community and organization" part means that you need to have an existing audience for your site proposal. (If you don't have one, try to find one or join one.) Then, you would have an ...
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