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Changes to the Area 51 Process v3.0

I think it's interesting that Robert's post above focus so much on communities - the idea that a site proposal should be made with an existing community in mind is new to me, and none of the site ...
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Changes to the Area 51 Process v3.0

Going through the proposal process quickly appears to be a good signal that a proposed site is viable (because failed proposals evaporate, I don't have statistics on how many failed in private beta ...
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Changes to the Area 51 Process v3.0

In short, this undermines anything other than technology sites. And perhaps that's the point, given the structure of how Stack Overflow currently makes money. The site offers a great opportunity ...
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Changes to the Area 51 Process v3.0

Translated to English, this proposal is saying "StackExchange doesn't want to participate in building new communities". The community needs to be ready and Area51 doesn't want to be the tool for ...
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Changes to the Area 51 Process v3.0

This is a reasonable policy to apply to Area51 (although it was done rather abruptly). But Stack Exchange should provide some other process or mechanism to create beta sites that have a good ...
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Proof Assistants' finalized launch date, name, and URL

We certainly will be needing MathJax enabled. There will be a lot of maths content.
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Changes to the Area 51 Process v3.0

Hopefully these changes will help, but I am skeptical. The real issue is addressed in https://stackoverflow.blog/2018/04/26/stack-overflow-isnt-very-welcoming-its-time-for-that-to-change/?cb=1. Most ...
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Changes to the Area 51 Process v3.0

Hmm, just an observation, but it turns out my hypothetical scenario in the comments actually ended up being true. This proposal was closed for being just three commitments short of the required 200. ...
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Congratulations to Programming Language Design and Implementation on completing the Commitment phase!

I am answering this because the stuff I want to say will exceed the comment character limit. First of all, I am ecstatically happy right now, it's been a dream of mine to help create a new SE site ...
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Changes to the Area 51 Process v3.0

From Closing a Proposal After 4 Months in Definition or Commitment: Do you have a community ready to build your site? We generally expect proposal authors to have access to a community to help ...
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Area 51 is no longer allowing individual blockchain, cryptocurrency, or web3 proposals

As a former moderator of Ethereum Stack Exchange and a software engineer, I welcome this step. Blockchains are technology, but this does not necessarily mean it creates a large enough developer ...
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Proof Assistants private beta launch will take place in February 2022

Are there things we can help with at present, or is there nothing for us to do but celebrate the holidays? P.S. It's super cool that if I start my answer with "Dear SE overlords," that bit ...
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Substrate's finalized launch date, name, and URL

We slightly shortened the target audience description, compared to what the proposal currently reads — "for developers building blockchains with the Substrate SDK, including all parachain ...
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