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Creating a site about MediaWiki and/or wiki in general

Working with a custom wiki based on MediaWiki, in the last year I had toubles to find the right home or question about it. Sometime I had to post on StackOverflow, sometime on SuperUser and finally ...
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Only Media Wiki or all Wikis ?

Proposal: Wikis There are of course, a lot of Wiki software, out of which the most popular, is of course, the beloved MediaWiki (when writing that, I'm already using [[MediaWiki]] for links, instead ...
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What is the line between the feature-request and change-request tags?

There are no wiki descriptions for either. I recently posted a question that is sort of a feature but also sort of a change. Should feature-request only be used for new feature requests and change-...
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Can you please include Tiddlywiki in the proposal's description?

Proposal: Wikis and Wikipedia I want this site to get off the ground as much as you do, and I plan to post a link to the proposal in the Tiddlywiki Users Group to help get a few more people to commit ...