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What is tactical voting?

I have been hearing a term on Area51.meta its about something called tactical voting and I've been hearing it for about a good while now, so I will like to know: What is a tactical voting system and ...
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More Recommendation questions needed

Proposal: Software Recommendations We have a lot of followers, but I noticed that many don't upvote / add questions. We still need more good and specific questions. Please add ones if you did not use ...
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Why does upvoting in area51 give 5 rep rather than 10 rep?

I have been itching to ask this question. A while back, all sites adjusted to +10 for questions and answers, except area 51. Why? Is it why we start with 51 rep?
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Make people aware of progress participation

It looks like people tend to follow proposals but don't upvote existing example questions or add new questions. But this is necessary for further progress of a proposal. Could be add a hint when a ...
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How can I protect a new proposal against mistakes, fraud and malicious users?

If I create a new proposal, I want to maximize the chances of being promoted to commit -> private beta -> public beta -> live. Because there is a lot of hard work that can be ruined just ...
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Is redistributing votes to upvote _good_ example questions that are below 10 detrimental to the proposal?

The commonly cited response to the many discussion threads that ask 'Please redistribute your votes to questions with a score of less than 10' is that redistribution to 'push through' a proposal is ...
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Why do users have only 5 votes for an entire define stage?

What would be lost if each user was able to vote on all questions while in the define stage? It seems like people vote relevantly on 5 questions, and afterwards can no longer contribute. Why was this ...
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Let's discuss the 10 point limit issue

Proposal: Mathematics Learning, Studying, and Education Intro: I'm putting this question here in the context of the particular proposal because a moderator has recently deleted some comments that ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Requirements for example questions with 10 upvotes is being gamed

I'm putting this discussion topic forward, to get consensus on this issue. If we examine the highly progressed proposals, we see that in most of them, the participants are gaming the upvoting ...
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New example question order?

I noticed that example questions no longer seem to be ordered by net up-votes, is this some strange glitch or an update?
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150 vs 3000 rep to cast close/reopen votes

After guessing for a while, I came upon which shows the ugly, jQuery-lacking list of privileges on Area 51. Apparently, one only needs 150 rep to use close/...
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Upvote suggestion only when you have actually used the app and checked all requirements? [closed]

Is it OK to upvote an answer because it looks good, or because I have used the software in the past for something very related and I am pretty sure it can perform said task too as said on their ...
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Why there are so little Great Questions?

The golden badge for Great Question was awarded only once. Why there's so little highly upvoted example questions? What can we as community do to encourage voting for really good questions? Maybe the ...
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Using Stack Exchange for Survey or Opinion?

Would it be possible to adapt the software powering Stack Overflow for other purposes beyond the tradition Q&A? For example, to run a survey site for public opinion polls where the asker of a ...
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Would Area51 Be More Effective Without Down Votes?

NOTE: I have seen other similar questions, but they weren't clear or informative, with no clear direction of what they were trying to achieve. This question is also a different spin to some degree. ...
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Lock votes on question to prevent people changing votes when vote count reaches > 10

Earlier, I used encourage people to vote on questions which has less than 10 votes and thus effectively use their 5 votes for the benefit of the proposal (like I did here). But now I understand that ...
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2 answers

Spend Your Votes Wisely

NOTICE: Since this site is now in beta, it is time to have these conversations with the folks who are actually building this site. Please bring your comments and discussions to this site's 'meta' ...
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