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Localization of Stack Exchange site [duplicate]

I'm planning on opening a site proposal for an Arabic Language Stack Exchange site, but thought many Arabic speakers might find hardships since the interface is completely in English. So is there ...
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A "translation exchange" site?

Sometimes, you find a complex piece of text in a language you don't speak - or do speak, but not well enough for poetry, or metered prose, or an archaic / high-brow dialect etc - or perhaps the ...
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Language Communities and Translation Communities

I was unsure if I should ask this here or on meta, but here seems to fit better. I've been in some of the Stack Exchange's Language Communities, and saw that many questions are being asked in English ...
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ترجمة اﻷسئلة واﻷجوبة الانجليزية translate english?

Proposal: Arabic Language يبدو لي حين نطلع إلى البيتا أنه سيوجد أسئلة مطروحة في غير العربية وكذلك اﻷجوبة، فهل علينا أن نشترط لكل شي غير عربية أن تترجم إلى العربية؟ translate: I see that when the ...
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"SO in Language" proposals scope

Proposal: Stack Overflow (in Russian) Shouldn't SO translations be mainly devoted to language- (country-) specific questions, for example: Questions about APIs of local sites/services (ex. VK, Mail....
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Why not just add localization to the existing site?

I think the SO team should add localization to the main website, whereby if a browsers locale is set to es and the user posts a question, it will get submitted to the database ...
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Wise usage of automatic translators for faster achievement of result

We could use an automatic translator to translate most of UI elements: menus, headers and other "User Experience" things, and then correct the translations in such cases where the correction is needed....
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What about a machine translation SE?

Recently i worked with a project based on a machine translation tools (in that case the tool was moses), now i was wondering if a SE about that topic (Machine Translation/Statistical translation) ...
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