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Have created advertisements on Reddit and Quora. Need your votes now!

Proposal: Arts and Crafts Probably you can upvote these so that the many people see it. Crafts reddit: ...
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How to get people to visit newly created Area51 proposal?

I have an idea for a new proposal, and I think it's quite cool (don't we all?). But I am worried that I would not be able to attract traffic to the proposal. Having a cool proposal is one thing. But ...
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Suggestion of committers to invite (to enter Beta phase)

Proposal: Computer Graphics Potential site is now in 58% commitment phase. It needs more veteran StackExchange users (with knowledge in Computer Graphics, and high SE ...
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How to promote my Telecommunications Q&A proposal to StackExchange members?

I find it difficult to get people onboard for the Telecommunications Q&A: The problem is mainly because most of my experts ...
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Startup around the world

I'm native from Brazil and I'm still living here, but I can see too much differences between Brazil and USA (or Europe countries) when we talk about entrepreneurship, the biggest difference that I can ...
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does proposal to open websites with matured content welcome here?

i like to make a proposal for an site "sex games & toys" which can deal with adult games which revolve around the world since its an growing field and there were many users whom don't know where ...