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Why do we need a SynBio.SE when we already have Bio.SE, Bioinformatics.SE and researchgate?

Proposal: Synthetic Biology I'd like to know what the response is to the elephant in the room: why do we even need a SynBio SE in the first place? Researchgate already provides a Q&A site for ...
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Is there any interest in an "Acting" site?

This may be a rhetorical question, since I've found no evidence of any such discussion so far, but I'm going to ask it anyway. This comes from a question that was asked at https://english....
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Starting new versus joining and supporting existing beta community

Proposal: Air Quality Modeling I found a beta community: It has several questions related to WRF and CMAQ. We may want to search other stack exchange sites to ...
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How to promote my Telecommunications Q&A proposal to StackExchange members?

I find it difficult to get people onboard for the Telecommunications Q&A: The problem is mainly because most of my experts ...
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Do we only want to “discuss the finer points of the language”?

The target audience of this proposal is: linguists, teachers, and students wanting to discuss the finer points of the Latin language This is more or less the same as every proposal for a language ...
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Have created advertisements on Reddit and Quora. Need your votes now!

Proposal: Arts and Crafts Probably you can upvote these so that the many people see it. Crafts reddit: ...
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How to advertise Arts and Crafts site?

Proposal: Arts and Crafts I can see advertisements of other sites on the sites I frequent. How can we create such an advertisement for our site? In which sites are we permitted to advertise? What ...
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Should more Arts areas be added to this proposal?

Proposal: Arts and Crafts From here: Basic Definitions of Art • Art: Definition and Meaning The meaning of beauty and art is explored in the branch of ...
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Folks with health questions... or folks learning about health?

Proposal: Health About a month ago, I made a small edit to the audience description here, such that it now reads: Proposed Q&A site for medical specialists, students, dietitians and anyone ...
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How will we treat questions like "Can you look over my contract?"

Proposal: Law I imagine it wouldn't be uncommon for someone to draft up a contract, or to be given one, and then come to Law.SE and ask "Does my contract look good?" or "What does this contract mean?"...
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How will we discourage people asking for, or giving, legal advice in Law?

Proposal: Law Even in the proposal phase, Law seems to be attracting questions of the form "Is it legal for me to...", "How can I..." and so forth. There are two different problems with questions ...
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Voting on the questions [with less than 10 votes] is the way to make this site a success

Proposal: Arts and Crafts This site proposal needs 7 more questions with minimum 10 votes to move to the next phase and to prevent itself from dying. *I request the Followers (people) to exercise ...
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How to get people to visit newly created Area51 proposal?

I have an idea for a new proposal, and I think it's quite cool (don't we all?). But I am worried that I would not be able to attract traffic to the proposal. Having a cool proposal is one thing. But ...
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How are we going to get users to visit the Academy?

Proposal: Stack Overflow Academy I'm sure that if this proposal gets along far enough, SE will handle everything in the way that is necessary to shuttle new users here, but I'm not quite sure how we'...
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Suggestion of committers to invite (to enter Beta phase)

Proposal: Computer Graphics Potential site is now in 58% commitment phase. It needs more veteran StackExchange users (with knowledge in Computer Graphics, and high SE ...
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Startup around the world

I'm native from Brazil and I'm still living here, but I can see too much differences between Brazil and USA (or Europe countries) when we talk about entrepreneurship, the biggest difference that I can ...
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How can the Software Recommendations site have experts? Experts in what, recommending software?

Proposal: Software Recommendations After committing to the proposal, I'm greeted with: Want to help this site reach beta? Know any experts on this topic? Spread the word! I wasn't aware ...
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How should we publicise this proposal?

Proposal: Arduino I really think an Arduino specific Q&A site would be great. Even though the proposal is new, how about some directed efforts to bring more people to this proposal and get some ...
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What about homeworks?

We are bound to get smartasses who will want us to do their school homeworks for them eventually. Their questions will be sufficiently nontrivial, they are unlikely to meet any common closure criteria,...
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Is it allowed to invite people?

I am proposing an area to discuss about GeoGebra software. But I would like to know if is allowed to invite people to follow me. And what about other areas? I am a member in Mathematics, but I would ...
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does proposal to open websites with matured content welcome here?

i like to make a proposal for an site "sex games & toys" which can deal with adult games which revolve around the world since its an growing field and there were many users whom don't know where ...
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Would anyone be interested in a site devoted to the social stigma surrounding internet pornography?

Since pornography has been, and still is, the most profitable business on the internet; would anyone be interested in discussing it here? Analysis may involve: Statistics Categorization Social ...
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What is the proper target audience for the Sexuality proposal? Sample questions don't match the description

Proposal: Sexuality The description of the proposal is: Proposed Q&A site for educators and professionals to discuss human sexuality. However none of the questions I see as upvoted > 10 is ...
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