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Could we use a Stack Overflow Collective for Proof Assistants?

Proposal: Proof Assistants Recently, Stack Overflow Collectives are introduced: There's a Go Lang Collective, for example, already with 14k users: https://...
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Would a proposal about esoteric programming languages be a duplicate?

When I asked a question about the programming language "Simplefunge" on StackOverflow, it received 15 views and no answers, even when I put a bounty on it. Then, it struck me that Stack Overflow may ...
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Do we need our own StackExchange or can we live within StackOverflow as a tag?

Proposal: eosio I already see questions posted in StackOverflow where there is already an eos tag. Are we duplicating efforts?
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122 views is a working site, why this proposal isn't in beta status?

Proposal: Stack Overflow (in Spanish) So, this is my question. Maybe it has a technical reason, that the language support somehow avoided a 100% area51-based site creation process?
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The "Stack Overflow in Spanish" Project is Underway!

Proposal: Stack Overflow (in Spanish) Work is beginning to create a Stack Overflow site in Spanish! My name is JuanM and I am the community manager who will be responsible for this project. I ...
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