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New stackexchange site needed for islam religion

New site with name where everyone can ask/answer questions about islam religion.
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What happened to the Shia Islam proposal?

There was a proposal called Shia Islam here and as far as I know at least 25 people were following this proposal. What heppend to this proposal? Is it deleted? If so, why? and who has done that? ...
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9 answers

Isn't Buddhism a Religion?

Proposal: Buddhism Shouldn't the description for Buddhism at least include the word religion? I understand this is controversial from the POV of many Western practitioners but Buddhism is a religion ...
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Questions about Indian Religions

Proposal: India Can questions about Indian Religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism asked in this website. A site about Buddhism, Hinduism is on its way. But i don't think there is any ...
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Will prejudice questions be tolerated?

Proposal: Islam Let's face it, any religious site is going to have some kind of prejudice acts going on. But will it be tolerated? I understand "trolling" is not allowed, but what about somebody that ...
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Do not close - Hinduism should exist like other specific religious sites [closed]

Proposal: Hinduism Christianity is in the commitment phase Islam is in the definition phase Buddhism is in the definition phase So why vote to close this one? Let's instead wait to see if it gets ...
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10 answers

Christianity: Are rational questions allowed?

Proposal: Christianity Should this also allow questions that critically ask about the validity of the Christian faith, the Christian bible history and such? And questions about what the bible says ...