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The Recreation category includes proposals in subjects like sports, games, and hobbies.

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Pokemon cartoons: subset of Anime? [closed]

Proposals: Pokemon and 4kids translations of cartoons, Anime & Manga I'm not an expert in this area (or even a novice, to be honest) but my impression is that the Pokemon and 4kids translations ...
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Would a Grilling/outdoor cooking proposal be redundant with cooking?

We already have Cooking.SE, and I have noticed a number of grilling/smoking questions on there, but they are hardly common. Would a grilling/smoking/general outdoor cooking proposal be redundant or ...
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2 answers

Was site for 'Audiophile' ever suggested?

The closest I could find was 'Electronic Gadgets' (which is closed now). Also if one has to propose this, should it be in Recreation or Technology (or some other category)?
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1 answer

Why not a broader Motor-vehicle recreation/entertainment proposal?

Proposal: 4x4 Offroading Then you could have off-roading 4x4's, atv's, dirt bikes, snow mobiles, etc.
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Are the followers of Running interested in Fitness & Nutrition? [closed]

Proposal: Running We've already had a similar discussion before, right before Fitness went into beta. I personally even moved over from Running to Fitness, because I was expecting them to be merged. ...
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Should we expand the LEGO proposal to also include other brick families, like K'Nex and Erector?

Proposal: LEGO There has already been comments about this to the proposal. It will probably boost the popularity of the proposal to include others, and the tag system in StackExchange will work well ...
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8 answers

Board & Card Games exists and is ready for your questions!

To all followers of these proposals: Advanced Squad Leader War Games and Miniatures Game of Go Chess Bridge Magic: The Gathering Poker I'd like to direct you to Board & Card Games. B&CG is ...
5 votes
12 answers

URL for "Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair" [closed]

Proposal: Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair When launching a new site, we need to come up with the web address for that site. http:...
11 votes
3 answers

Will Public Firing Ranges Allow You to Put Up Advertisements Promoting Firearms SE?

I joined a public safety shooting range. Next time I go, I plan to talk to the range officers about the Firearms SE site. If each person who has committed to this so far can get 5 more people to ...
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About related, existing sites

Proposal: Game of Go I'll be frank: I am afraid this site might fail. In my opinion, it is absolutely necessary to be able to include content from Sensei's Library without loss of functionality. ...
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4 answers

Do we need a "Firearm Safety" site for questions like this: "How to disable a gun so it can be used as part of my halloween costume?"

Firearm safety should always be the cornerstone of any Firearms Q&A site. Which should mean that any question that involves a safety violation indicates that the OP has a lack of understanding of ...
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3 answers

Where can we get more involved commiters?

Proposal: Game of Go Go clubs? Authors of popular Go blogs? Facebook? Let's send e-mails to anybody we know or to Go "celebrities". (Note: I asked Alexander Dinerstain to advertise this SE on his ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Should I make a new proposal to try to merge other subsets? [closed]

I recently answered a question on this forum about the possible merging of Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair and some proposal with fewer followers / committed. In my view, merging the following ...
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Why should RuneScape be a different site than gaming?

Proposal: RuneScape Q&A It is possible you're thinking RuneScape Q&A should be kept in the Gaming StackExchange site. Well, here are a couple reasons it probably shouldn't: RuneScape is deep ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Joint site for competitive board games

I think competitive board games are quite different from recreational board games in nature and draw different communities. The typical questions asked in the proposals for go, chess,... are very ...
21 votes
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Merge "Running" into "Excercise and Fitness"? Will they sap contributors from each other? [closed]

In response to Rick Roth's answer to my other question. Should we merge Running into Exercise and Fitness? I can see arguments both ways. There certainly are a lot of questions specific to long ...
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26 votes
1 answer

Supporters of "Running" please come over and get "Exercise and Fitness" over the hump! [closed]

I'd honestly like both of these ultimately succeed. However, it seems that to achieve critical mass, we should first start getting the more general category of Exercise and Fitness up and running. So ...
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4 answers

Merge or close as duplicate [closed]

Proposal: Autos and Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair It seems pretty the same to me except that Autos is more restrict. Subset sites just drain audience. They could be just one stronger site? ...
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Game-specific sites

There are a number of proposals around specific games, of both the computer game variety and the board/card game variety. Meanwhile we have a Gaming site that covers all types of video and computer ...
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9 answers

What will it take for Firearms to get off the ground?

Proposal: Firearms Firearms has a storied history. It was one of the very first proposals, but has been plagued by a number of difficult and vocal members. It eventually made it into the commitment ...
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