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The Professional category includes proposals in subjects like organizations, occupations, and vocations.

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Should the Law & Legal Questions be more about theory or practice?

Proposal: Laws & Legal Questions I really hope this site goes to Beta, but I am concerned over it's focus. Yes people need to know more about the theoretical and philosophical aspects of law, but ...
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How can you define off topic for this? Water cooler discussion is by definition off topic

Proposal: Around the Water Cooler at the Office in a Professional Career
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Rename 'Healthcare IT' to 'Health IT' to include the IT targeting non-care aspects

I suggest a rename of 'Healthcare IT' to "Health IT". I can see the name "healthcare IT" being unnecessarily limiting in the future because it will artificially exclude the health IT approaches to ...
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How to promote the Healthcare IT Site?

Proposal: Healthcare IT Does anyone have suggestions on how to promote the site? Are there message boards in the health care IT area that we could post to? I would really like to see the site come ...
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What's the water cooler?

Proposal: Around the Water Cooler What do you mean "Water Cooler?" How isn't this already covered by other expert sites, or those questions that fill the cracks between?
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Answers for Pilots [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Answers for Pilots Proposal: General Aviation I posted this question in Area 51 earlier today discussing the scope of my website, Hosted in a user ...
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Please VOTE for top questions [closed]

Proposal: General Aviation Hey everyone, just wanted to throw up a note here to see if we can coordinate our voting to get us into the next phase. In order for a question to be considered "on-topic" ...
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Organisation of digital libraries/deposits of research papers

Proposal: Libraries Does the topic of the organisation of digital libraries/deposits of research papers belong to this site? (Like or for a specific ...
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Is there value in merging the Libraries and Books proposals?

The Libraries proposal had a significant amount of activity early on, but the activity chart has been more or less flat for a long time. Many people who signed up are not active on the Stack Exchange ...
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