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The Professional category includes proposals in subjects like organizations, occupations, and vocations.

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Awaiting proposal approval — but we need another name!

Proposal: Documentation When a proposal nears the end of its Definition phase, the Community Team does a final evaluation to see if the proposal is ready to move forward — and the early ...
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How should we craft the site description for "Technical Communication?"

Proposal: Technical Communication NOTE: The site name has changed from "Documentation" to "Technical Communication" I'd like for people to discuss the site description here. Thanks!
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Beta launching time

How much time is often passed after finished commitment phase to the beta launching? For example, there is 3 commited SO translation proposals for a long time, but beta has not been launched yet: ...
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14 votes
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Site Scope / Name Conflict at Documentation/Technical Communication

Proposal: Technical Communication NOTE: As a newcomer to this proposal, I apologize for jumping in and kicking sand all over everything. But, I think this is really important to address now, before ...
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Why was the name Moderators chosen instead of Community Managers?

I don't necessarily disagree, but I'm curious. Community Manager seems to me to be a broader term that can involve moderation. In this context, I think the word moderator has been used online much ...
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Scope of moderation questions concerning specific platforms?

Proposal: Moderators How should questions concerning moderation with a specific application be handled? Say for example, if I had some technical question about Reddit or vBulletin that was about a ...
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29 votes
8 answers

What is on-topic here and not on Writers?

Proposal: Technical Communication Technical writing is already on-topic on Writers.SE, with (currently) 225 questions on the technical-writing tag. What topics will this proposal cover that don't ...
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15 votes
3 answers

What is the potential overlap between Open Source and Open Science?

Proposals: Open Source and Open Science As far as I can tell, there is a significant overlap between Open Source and Open Science. Where exactly does this overlap lie and will this be a problem? As ...
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15 votes
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Does "focus on K-12 teachers and parents" mean that question about university-level teaching will be out of scope?

Does "focus on K-12 teachers and parents" mean that question about university-level teaching will be out of scope? Proposal: Computer Science Educators
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Could we get rid of the ufos and 'area51' type of branding please?

I feel that all this type of stuff makes it really hard to convince established people in technical fields to take proposals here as something serious. Opening a website with funny UFOs flying around ...
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Surely 50 users with 200+ rep on somewhere else would be enough?

Proposal: Library & Information Science It just seems so unfair that Libraries and Information Science, with its huge number of expert committers, can't get over the line to beta. I understand ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Organisation of digital libraries/deposits of research papers

Proposal: Libraries Does the topic of the organisation of digital libraries/deposits of research papers belong to this site? (Like or for a specific ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Title of Library Proposal

Proposal: Library & Information Science There has been some discussion about the naming and scope of what used to be the Libraries proposal (and is now the Library and Information Science ...
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3 answers

Do we want to focus on just Programming projects?

Proposal: Open Source Open Source projects are not necessarily limited to IT. Do we want to limit the scope of this site to just coding projects or do we want to include other open source projects ...
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What's the water cooler?

Proposal: Around the Water Cooler What do you mean "Water Cooler?" How isn't this already covered by other expert sites, or those questions that fill the cracks between?
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