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I have fought Area 51's signup system, and won... but at what cost?

I'm a Stack Exchange user of a few years and was recently pointed at the Area 51 proposal for a Programming Language Design SE. So I tried to sign up to express my interest in supporting such a site. ...
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How can I protect a new proposal against mistakes, fraud and malicious users?

If I create a new proposal, I want to maximize the chances of being promoted to commit -> private beta -> public beta -> live. Because there is a lot of hard work that can be ruined just ...
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log in doesn't work - sign up alternative

There are already 3 users who contacted me with the following problem, described step by step: log into Stackoverflow using an old (not new) existing acount visited area51 site click on log in ->...
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Persistent bugs hindering users from participating: Failure of StackExchange to recognize when Area51 & SE accounts have the same email address

Proposal: Materials Modeling During the last 24 hours, several people have complained to me that they were unable to participate due to bugs on the Area51 platform. They log in, confirm their email ...
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Might it be considered, to add the "new user" box for users of Area51 that are brand new to Stack Exchange?

Proposal: Materials Modeling I understand that to make an Area 51 proposal, we are supposed to have our own user community already organized. Because of this, I sent out a message about my Area51 ...
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What percentage of followers is completely new to the Stack Exchange network?

I would like to know what percentage of followers and committers is completely new to the Stack Exchange network. When proposing a new Stack, we should try to attract experts in that field. However, ...
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Why am I continously asked to confirm my email address?

I am a registered user at this site and I have committed to the Stackoverflow in German proposal. I keep finding the following note on the page: Please confirm your email address! Your commitment won'...
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8 votes
2 answers

How are we going to get users to visit the Academy?

Proposal: Stack Overflow Academy I'm sure that if this proposal gets along far enough, SE will handle everything in the way that is necessary to shuttle new users here, but I'm not quite sure how we'...
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Java StackExchange

I searched Area51 and I didn't find out any Java specific proposals. Is is possible to put this in motion. A specific Java site for Java; JavaSE and GlassFish.
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How should we publicise this proposal?

Proposal: Arduino I really think an Arduino specific Q&A site would be great. Even though the proposal is new, how about some directed efforts to bring more people to this proposal and get some ...
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Are commitment criteria unrealistic for starting new sorts of areas?

I would like to raise the issue of whether the commitment criteria are too stringent to allow areas to form in relatively new directions. My case-in-point is the Buddhism proposal, which is in ...
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Do users have to register a full SX account in order for their "follows" to count?

I've had a lot of people I've reached out to report to me that they have "followed" my proposal to help support it. Although, my following level still seemed pretty low. So, I recruited a friend to ...
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