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for questions about the process of merging proposals and/or sites.

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Is it good for AI.SE to overlap significantly with other SE sites? Should the amount overlap be reduced?

Proposal: Artificial Intelligence I have a few concerns about the AI proposal. 1. The site content doesn't match the description. The AI.SE proposal has the description Beta Q&A site for ...
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How would a device-specific site be better than a tag on a VR/AR/3D site?

Proposals: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive There’s already a proposal for a generic Virtual and Augmented Reality site. A specific device like the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive would seem to be on topic there ...
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Is there a way to merge proposals? Suggest it and put it to a vote?

If you notice a couple small proposals that aren't looking like they are gaining enough traction individually but could fall under one larger header proposal, is there a way to propose a merge for the ...
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49 views Merge? [duplicate]

Proposal: Puzzle and Riddle Challenges Currently there's a been of trouble rising about challenges (see;
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Proposing a site another site might logicaly be part of?

I am considering proposing a site for gaming theory, that would include all aspects of gambling related to game play. (it would not include video games, board games etc., just casino games). There is ...
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"Moderators" a superset of "Building Social Networks"

Proposal: Moderators Proposal: Building Social Networks "Building Social Networks" has been struggling to gain critical mass since summer 2011, with 28 example questions in something like 20 months. ...
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Did You Use a New Account for Area 51?

Proposal: Genealogy & Family History I've found a few Committers to the Genealogy & Family History Proposal at Area 51 inadvertently did not sign up to Area 51 with their Stack Exchange login ...
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Is pervasive computing a subset of robotics?

Proposal: Robotics I want to know if the pervasive(ubiquitous) computing area is covered in robotics or not? Can we ask any question about pervasive computing here? I've recently opened a proposal ...
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What is the actual merging mechanism?

There is a lot of talk about merging sites, but I can't find anywhere any explanation of this process. I have read the FAQ, and as many of the questions on this topic as I can find, but nowhere can I ...
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How does a merge take place in Area 51?

I have seen many suggestions to merge proposals. How is this done? I get the impression that, even on very popular merge proposals, everyone's waiting for "the powers that be" to do a merge. Do the ...
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Merging Digital Preservation & Libraries & Information Science?

Proposal: Digital Preservation The Libraries & Information Science QA site is struggling to get enough activity. Maybe it should be united with Digital Preservation? They are different, of ...
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Where does Running Proposal belong: Sports or Fitness&Nutrition?

Proposal: Sports When I got the merge announcement today, and I read these points: We believe this proposal, as stated, is a subset of another proposal per the following guidelines: Almost ...
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Opinions about merging Business Intelligence proposal with the DBA site

I've had a conversation with one or two of the folks at the DBA site about merging Business Intelligence into that site. I've just put a question up on the DBA meta site as well, link here. The ...
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Are Project Management and IT Management merge-worthy? [closed]

Seems like these two proposals have significant overlap, but I don't have a strong feeling on what to do with it. How does the community feel? Proposal: Project Management Proposal: IT Management
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