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Localization of Stack Exchange site [duplicate]

I'm planning on opening a site proposal for an Arabic Language Stack Exchange site, but thought many Arabic speakers might find hardships since the interface is completely in English. So is there ...
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Help about non-English / international site proposals [duplicate]

The intention of this question was to consolidate in one place the most important discussions and resources around non-English / international site proposals. I have heard about the Stack Exchange ...
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What happened to the Chinese emigration proposal?

For years, the Chinese emigration proposal was the proposal with more people committed than any other one, with a notice that This launch is on hold while we add the international features needed to ...
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Would stack exchanges in Japanese be able to go to beta?

Given that there's already a Stack Exchange that uses Japanese, if someone created a stack exchange proposal that used Japanese, would it be able to go into beta, without the dreaded "This launch is ...
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Missing international features (revisited)

As for now, three international proposals are blocked and there's going to be a fourth one very soon (SO in Spanish) because international features are not available yet. Since a year2 years has ...
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Will Robotics have to wait for the International Stackexchanges to Launch?

Proposal: Robotics I'm aware that this question has been asked before about other sites, but I was wondering if circumstances were different at the moment. I can see that there are several ...
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