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Questions tagged with the `definition-phase` tag alert users that the topic discussed is part of a proposal that is still in the definition phase.

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How should I participate in the Bioacoustics Stack Exchange Proposal?

Proposal: Bioacoustics Can someone please describe the ways that a user can contribute to the Bioacoustics Stack Exchange Proposal, and the general steps involved in each?
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Has anyone studied other potential Area51 criteria, that might be a better indication of a site's potential success?

I have looked at some of the most recent proposals that managed to survive the gruelling Area 51 processes. I will use the short form: q/d = questions/day (I'm trying to fit everythin on one line each)...
44 votes
5 answers

What is the rationale for not allowing answers during the definition phase?

What is the rationale for not allowing answers during the definition phase of a proposal? My naive understanding of this phase's purpose is that it helps define the topic and audience for a proposed ...
33 votes
1 answer

Rushed proposals and Community Moderation

According to this question the advancement from definition to commitment is completely automated. That is of course a very reasonable thing to do for proposals that reach the commitment stage in the ...
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What benefits will Scratch.SE provide to the Scratch community above and beyond the official Scratch forum?

Proposal: Scratch Scratch already has a forum at its home site, here. What additional benefits would the existence of Scratch Stack Exchange provide to the Scratch community, that would more than ...
24 votes
2 answers

Should the down vote limit be the same as the up vote limit?

Currently there is no limit to the number of down votes one person can cast. A similar question was asked at meta and closed there to be asked here. There is a comment saying the question was posted ...
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1 answer

What is IoT (Internet of Things) [duplicate]

What will be the general definition for IoT in term of Common people to understand? How can they get benefit of this? Proposal: Internet of Things
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2 answers

Do Stack Overflows in different languages need to go through the definition phase?

Even though their scope is very clearly defined from the first day, Stack Overflow in [insert non-English language spoken by a sufficent number of devs around the world here] proposals have to go ...
1 vote
1 answer

Why is there no per user limitation for down vote at the definition phase?

It seems quite normal to have a per user limitation of the up votes for each proposal (max: 5 up votes). But, I wonder why there is no symmetric per user limitation for the down votes. Right now, a ...
7 votes
2 answers

The requirements for progressing from definition to commitment are warped

The proposals Economics and Coffee and coffee for example. Coffee has 76 example questions, and 119 followers. Economics has 77 example questions, and 119 followers. Each requires about 10 more ...
4 votes
0 answers

Review the criteria for moving in commitment phase

To allow a proposal go to commitment, we currently need: 60 followers. 40 example questions with 10 or more upvotes. However, these numbers don't do it. Lets do a simple calculation: Everyone may ...
-7 votes
2 answers

Allow votes on own example questions

When writing an example question, often the writer of that question has a good idea whether or not he considers the question he's writing to be a good example of the kind of questions he'd expect for ...
12 votes
2 answers

Should questions about Astronomical software be allowed?

Proposal: Astronomy & Astrophysics Both professional and amateur astronomers/astrophysicists use a lot of software either for image processing or data analysis. So should queries related to those ...
7 votes
1 answer

how to get new questions voted

Proposal: Italian Language & Usage I think we are doing fine as far as the number of followers is concerned (although I admit the increase pace has slowed down somewhat), but the problem of ...
18 votes
0 answers

Show more (or all) questions on the page for definition stage Proposals

As I understand it the main reason for answers being split into pages on SE's Q&A sites is to limit noise; the answers not in the top 30 voted answers are probably not the most useful. That makes ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to see the number of score-10 questions of a proposal over time?

I would like to have some sort of graph or query result for the number of questions with score ten or more for a particular proposal in definition. Is there any way to extract that data from the data ...
12 votes
3 answers

How can a proposal get the 10 votes on 40 questions during the Definition Phase?

This question was originally used to help the proposal Genealogy & Family History get through it's Definition Phase. But I'm rewriting it here to help other proposals do the same. Getting the ...
2 votes
2 answers

What does it mean. "No Shopping Questions"?

Proposal: Consumer Issues and Protection It seems like all the example questions are about shopping by some interpretation. Can we specify and say "no shopping questions about getting the best price,...
4 votes
1 answer

Inconsistent vote requirement info for definition phase in Area 51 [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When/why did the # of questions required to get out of Definition increase to 40? FAQ inaccurate In the Area 51 FAQ it says this about the definition phase: The goal is to ...
4 votes
0 answers

Time line graphs of followers/commiters/users for Area 51 sites

I recently started using SO about a month ago and joined some Area 51 sites in all three phases. After a while I started to notice that some sites just don't seem to move. I then realized I was a ...
15 votes
1 answer

What should we do to increase visits of Area 51?

The overall visits of the is really very low and this is obvious from the statistics of questions (6 visits per 2 hours for example). This means that the proposals move really ...
5 votes
1 answer

Definition to Commitment criteria trigger

How exactly does a proposal go from definition to commitment? Is there an automated process that goes through each proposal in definition and says "Oh you've got all your criteria, looks like you can ...