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for questions concerning the planning of a proposal before creating it.

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What do I do if I have no community/organization when making a proposal?

I'd like to make a Wiccan/Pagan Witchcraft Stack Exchange, but I have no community/organization to link to in the proposal form. Is there someone willing to help me? Also, why do you need a community/...
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Are 5 users willing to Follow a proposal for

There seem to be a lot of ebike-related questions that involve information about not only bicycles, but also electrical engineering, and even mechanical engineering. I'm not much on social marketing ...
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Can I ask here if a site is a good idea?

If I have an idea for a site, but want feedback from other SE users before building the community and officially submitting a proposal on Area 51, is it okay to ask here?
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Do I have to start a community off SE to submit a proposal?

If I want to start a site about XYZing, do I have to start an XYZing community myself before submitting the proposal, or is it okay for me to join an existing XYZing forum and post about the ...
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Forum about UI Automation

Graphical User Interfaces will never lose their importance since most software is - at some end - supposed to be used by humans. Automating interactions with GUI's is a crucial activity in many modern ...
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Approximately what size community is required to start a proposal? [duplicate]

When going to create a new proposal for a site, one of the fields is "Please link to the organization or website organizing this effort". It further specifies: "If you do not yet have a ...
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What kind of website needs to be connected to a proposal?

One requirement for a new SE is that you must have a website connected to it. What kind of website (if there is any requirement) do you need?
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How can I help this proposal get beyond the commitment phase?

Proposal: Synthetic Biology Although this proposal is making good progress garnering the numbers of committed users needed to make it to private beta, it is still lagging behind in terms of committers ...
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New site: Community requirement

There appears to be some confusion around the need/possibility to create/prove a community before launching a proposal for a site. Would it be possible to share examples of accepted ways to comply ...
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How do I find a community or organization "eager and willing" to build my site?

I want to propose a new site for Scandinavian/Nordic Languages, e.g. Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Icelandic, etc. I think, since these are modern languages, there may be more interest than there was ...
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When there should be separate site for certain Linux distribution?

There's AskUbuntu site, but users of other distros have to use Unix & Linux, marking their questions with 'distribution name' tags. How people know when there should be separate site for their ...
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Add a List of Does and Don'ts?

The help/FAQ page has a lot of good info, but we have been seeing a lot of new proposals making the same mistakes that are not really addressed there. Would it be ...
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About community

Maybe it's a stupid question but I don't know how to establish a community to support my sites ideas. Do I just search for people here ? like sending them messages or something ?
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Minimum number of people for a successful proposal

What is the minimum number of people that should be involved since the beginning for a proposal to be successful, that is, become a full-fledged member of StackExchange?
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11 answers

Changes to the Area 51 Process v3.0

For anyone who follows this site, you may have noticed that Area 51 has been churning out progressively weaker site proposals and more anemic site launches, about a third of which fail in private beta....
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Would it be appropriate to create a proposal for a narrowly defined technology?

A company called Parallax, Inc (I am not affiliated with them) makes an electronic product named the "Propeller" or more formally, "P8X32A". It is a microcontroller and is aimed at electronics ...
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Can we have a Physical Science SE for people with low quality physics questions?

I have many questions dealing with Physics, but these questions were considered low quality contributions by Physics SE. I got my account suspended by them for 30 days on Christmas and when I was let ...
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Will this site allow other reduced-meat diets?

Proposal: Veganism & Vegetarianism Does this community have an interest in offering health advice, recipes, etc to encourage reduced meat diets such as pescetarian? Would these diets be ...
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Community for Game lovers

I have checked all SO communities. I am not able to found any game related community. Yes there is a one role playing game community. But it's not fruitful for all. So my idea is to have one more ...
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How can we advertise this proposal?

Proposal: Music Fans I was thinking maybe a Community Ad on a site to accelerate this proposal to Beta. I think that commitment would increase if this happened. So am I mistaken or is this viable? ...
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كيف نوازن بين مستويات المستخدمين؟ How do we balance the levels of users?

Proposal: Arabic Language هذا الموقع ستجمع -بمشيئة الله- صنفان رئيسان من الناس، هما: العلماء الطلاب والطلاب صنفان: صنف تتكلم العربية أصلا صنف لا تتكلم العربية أصلا وكل صنف على مستويات متفرقة، ...
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Overview of Site (Pakistan)

Proposal: Pakistan I am thinking about a site where people can ask matters related to Pakistan. My nationality is Pakistani and I want to propose Pakistan. I want people can discuss and ask ...
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Why should any of us contribute when Stack Exchange will throw away our work without consulting us?

NOTICE: Since this site is now in beta, it is time to have these conversations with the folks who are actually building this site. Please bring your comments and discussions to this site's 'meta' ...
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Should the description of the **beer** site be more specific?

Currently the proposed beer site's description says "proposed Q&A site for connoisseurs and lovers of Beer." Shouldn't it be more specific? Proposal: *Beer *
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How to deal with low engagement?

If a proposal is progressing at the rate of 2-3 followers added per day, but the followers are not participating in question creation or discussions, is it a bad sign ? The followers are using their ...
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Which Geo/Earth Sciences proposal to support?

Proposal: Geoscience We are leaning towards creating a community for the EarthCube audience, basically collaborative 'cyberinfrstracture' for the Earth Sciences. Specifically we are working on the ...
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Would anyone be interested in a site devoted to the social stigma surrounding internet pornography?

Since pornography has been, and still is, the most profitable business on the internet; would anyone be interested in discussing it here? Analysis may involve: Statistics Categorization Social ...
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