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For questions about people who commit to proposals, or who might commit to a proposal.

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Are 5 users willing to Follow a proposal for

There seem to be a lot of ebike-related questions that involve information about not only bicycles, but also electrical engineering, and even mechanical engineering. I'm not much on social marketing ...
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How can we get the word out to commiters with 200+ rep on other stackexchange sites?

Lack of awareness amongst potential commiters with Cardano/Haskell/Plutus/Marlowe/Solidity skills is the current challenge. I have tried generating interest among a few communities, but the numbers ...
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Has anyone studied other potential Area51 criteria, that might be a better indication of a site's potential success?

I have looked at some of the most recent proposals that managed to survive the gruelling Area 51 processes. I will use the short form: q/d = questions/day (I'm trying to fit everythin on one line each)...
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Minimum number of people for a successful proposal

What is the minimum number of people that should be involved since the beginning for a proposal to be successful, that is, become a full-fledged member of StackExchange?
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I committed to beta: now what?

I have come here and committed to a new proposal. But it is the first time I participate in the creation of another community inside StackExchange. Is there any guide about how does that work. Things ...
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Without being a tech writer, how much can I help this site?

Proposal: Technical Communication I am not a tech writer, or any other form of documentation professional. I am a computer programmer. As I write programs I try to think of their documentation. Both ...
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How can we get the last five 200+ rep users?

Proposal: Ukrainian Language As of today, we have 397/200 committers in total 95/100 committers with 200+ rep on any other site 100% commitment score, based on committers' activity on all ...
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What percentage of followers is completely new to the Stack Exchange network?

I would like to know what percentage of followers and committers is completely new to the Stack Exchange network. When proposing a new Stack, we should try to attract experts in that field. However, ...
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Is there a way to communicate for all the followers or committers of a proposal?

This would be very useful to coordinate the effort while pushing the proposal forward. I don't think there is a way to do this at the moment because, as far as I know, you can't even see all the ...
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Why do users have only 5 votes for an entire define stage?

What would be lost if each user was able to vote on all questions while in the define stage? It seems like people vote relevantly on 5 questions, and afterwards can no longer contribute. Why was this ...
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Allow commitments to be fulfilled even if a private beta fails

Sometimes, a site starts the process of actually being a Q&A site, but it ultimately doesn't make it. For some, they make it to public beta but peter out and get shut down. In that case, the user ...
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**Instructions for ALL Private Beta Members**

Thank you for deciding to commit to using Embedded Programming and Design. We are asking you to ask and answer at least 10 questions to fulfill your commitment. Also, please check the meta site of the ...
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Notice on old closed site, about new proposed site? Invite to commit?

Proposal: Astronomy There seems to be a gulf between the old, closed Astronomy site, and this new, up and coming Astronomy proposal. Can't someone put a link on the old site to point to the new? ...
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Chat area for Genealogy & Family History

Proposal: Genealogy & Family History A chat area for this proposal has been created, called: "Roots" Visit it at: where you can talk live to other ...
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how to get new questions voted

Proposal: Italian Language & Usage I think we are doing fine as far as the number of followers is concerned (although I admit the increase pace has slowed down somewhat), but the problem of ...
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Problems to avoid in becoming a committer

Proposal: Genealogy & Family History I would really like this proposal to succeed and so I became a committer. Then through my activity on Stack Overflow, I reached the coveted 200+ rep points, ...
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Ensure You're "Committed" and not just "Following"

Proposal: Genealogy & Family History I've noticed almost half of the people who originally signed up to "Follow" the Genealogy & Family History proposal, have not followed that up by "Commit"...
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Did You Use a New Account for Area 51?

Proposal: Genealogy & Family History I've found a few Committers to the Genealogy & Family History Proposal at Area 51 inadvertently did not sign up to Area 51 with their Stack Exchange login ...
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Is there a way to see all of the followers?

Proposal: Genealogy & Family History Once in Commitment Phase, you can see all the Committers. Ten users are shown at the bottom of the page, and you can move from page to page through them all. ...
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