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For requests/discussions to close a proposal.

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When will typst proposal be closed?

Proposal: Typst In here a mod has said the proposal will be closed: When will that actually happen? It's already been a while.
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Should this still exist?

Proposal: Moderators This proposal only has 4 visits a day. It only has 567 total questions. It has an average of 0 questions per day. it has been in beta for 8+ years. Is there someway/should this be ...
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What constitutes flagging a proposal?

What merits flagging, or potentially closing a proposal? Here is the context of my asking this question: On the Elrond proposal on Area 51 main, I am considering flagging it. This is because of the ...
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Epidemiology is on-topic at Medical Sciences

Proposal: Epidemiology Epidemiology is on-topic at Medical Sciences Stack Exchange. The epidemiology tag there currently has 64 questions.
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Open Science is a duplicate (subset) of academia.SE

Proposal: Open Science I'm going to go further than the related question Should open science questions just be asked on academia.SE? I can't see any reason why this isn't a subset of Academia.SE, ...
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How do I withdraw my vote to close a question?

I voted to close a sample topic question as off topic but later realized that the question was indeed on topic. How do I withdraw my vote to close?
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Isn't this covered by The Great Outdoors?

Proposal: Hunting and Fishing It seems like The Great Outdoors already covers Hunting and Fishing. Do we need another site about it? Especially since the weakest stat about TGO is the number of ...
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