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Recreation or Technology?

Proposal: Amateur Radio This proposal is listed under "Recreation" I wonder whether "Technology" wouldn't be better as many topics here will be on technical aspects of amateur radios. I agree that ...
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Source of main topics: Arts, Business, Culture, Life, Professional, Recreation, Science and Technology

Quick search on the main topics as a whole appears to returns no results, is anyone aware of the basis for selecting these as the top topic groupings, those being: Arts, Business, Culture, Life, ...
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The Computer Science proposal should be in the Science category

Proposal: Computer Science (Non-Programming) I don't know how Computer Science ended up under Professional, but it clearly belongs to the Science category.
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Business or Technology

Proposal: Bitcoin & Crypto-currency Anyone going to get upset if I question whether bitcoin belongs in the Business category or if it belongs in Technology more? It's certainly applicable to both ...
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