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Changes to the Area 51 Process v3.0

For anyone who follows this site, you may have noticed that Area 51 has been churning out progressively weaker site proposals and more anemic site launches, about a third of which fail in private beta....
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Can a proposal remain beta forever? [duplicate]

3 months since first commit has passed. Proposal has half committers it needs to go to beta. Is there an expiration date to get into beta phase? Proposal: Space Exploration
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Is there a maximum duration of the commitment phase? [duplicate]

As in the object. Could not find the information with a site search.
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Is there a deadline that we have to meet before the Blender proposal is closed? [duplicate]

Is there a deadline that we have to meet before the Blender proposal is closed? Proposal: Blender
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Don't start commitment phases when there's only two weeks left

Proposal: Culture and life in Japan The proposal "Culture and life in Japan" was closed during the commitment phase as not viable. I attempted to promote the proposal to people who hadn't ...
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Why do people persist in creating duplicate or subset proposals rather than supporting pre-existing proposals?

My observation of the Stack Exchange (SE) Beta Sites, is they need as much consolidated support from user to get them launched, up and out of Beta. Many fail. Once a site has become a thriving success,...
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Duplicate of closed proposal - does that make sense?

Proposal: Big Data At the time of writing, this proposal is one day old - an hour ago it was closed: closed as duplicate of Big Data by jmort253, warren, Manishearth, THelper, Mark Booth 1 hour ...
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How long is a proposal published?

for example : I added proposal ("Tee and Coffee :D"), nobody follow it (except for me), nobody closed it. My proposal has small activity. When (if at all) my proposal will be deleted ? Who will delete ...
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Criteria for closing two year old proposals

Proposal: Stack Overflow (in Portuguese) As this proposal gets dangerously close to the two year mark, I'm wondering what would happen to it if we don't reach 100% by november 05. I've seen other ...
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When are proposals closed or removed?

To be clear, I'm just attempting to get a complete idea of the potential lifecycle of a proposal, which includes it being closed. I'm looking for a complete list of vote-to-close and auto-close ...
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Restarting the E-books proposal: a rallying cry

Proposal: E-books and E-book Readers Sadly, the original e-books proposal failed to gain enough momentum during the commitment phase and (as per policy) was closed because it was over two years old. ...
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How can I see the list of closed proposals I once followed?

I used to follow a bunch of proposals and I'm guessing they were nixed with the recent batch. Is it possible to see a list of these (now closed) proposals I once followed and committed to? It's hard ...
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What can we do to help Woodworking become a community?

Proposal: Woodworking How is it possible there's enough interest to field such stack exchange categories as "Amateur Radio" and "Biblical Hermeneutics" but we don't yet have a Woodworking community? ...
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Korean Language stack exchange : if it doesn't make it, what happens to the existing questions?

Proposal: Korean Language Looks like this isn't going to make it within the one year allowed for definition - it needs 30 or so more 10-rated questions. What happens to the closed site and the good ...
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Don't allow votes as duplicates of closed proposals/beta sites

Proposal: Economics I noticed that the economics proposal was marked as a duplicate of Economics (Update: no longer listed as a possible duplicate), which seems reasonable if you don't check the link,...
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