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Should the down vote limit be the same as the up vote limit?

Currently there is no limit to the number of down votes one person can cast. A similar question was asked at meta and closed there to be asked here. There is a comment saying the question was posted ...
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What does "Area 51" name mean?

From very beginning of my presence on SE sites I did not and still do not understand, why "Area 51" is named "Area 51". What's the purpose? What's the inner meaning? I'd say that SE prefers to name ...
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Requirements for example questions with 10 upvotes is being gamed

I'm putting this discussion topic forward, to get consensus on this issue. If we examine the highly progressed proposals, we see that in most of them, the participants are gaming the upvoting ...
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Handling of comments that "answer" questions rather than "discuss" them.

It seems to be a common misunderstanding that the "Example Question" zone is about defining site direction rather than about answer questions. I am constantly responding to comments on my suggested ...
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Should we be upvoting off-topic examples?

Proposal: Expatriates I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I myself and others have listed off topic examples of questions before, using the 5 example questions we are allocated. ...
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How do you reach out to and eductate new users?

This question arise in context of Broadcast And Media Technologies, but it shares such a fate with many other proposals. Broadcast and Media Technologies - is a very specialized industry where ...
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Warn user when a proposal has been deleted for inactivity

It's just come to my attention that one my proposals (Paper Craft) has been missing from my profile and my example questions have disappeared. I had no idea if it had been merged or deleted. The only ...
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Are commitment criteria unrealistic for starting new sorts of areas?

I would like to raise the issue of whether the commitment criteria are too stringent to allow areas to form in relatively new directions. My case-in-point is the Buddhism proposal, which is in ...
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What is the actual merging mechanism?

There is a lot of talk about merging sites, but I can't find anywhere any explanation of this process. I have read the FAQ, and as many of the questions on this topic as I can find, but nowhere can I ...
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Any information on the new Area 51?

I've seen in a few places the Stack Exchange staff have alluded to the fact (or sometimes said directly) that the current Area 51 model is broken, not effective and needs a massive overhaul, ...
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Is less than 15 questions per day an indication of an unhealthy beta?

The Area51 page for the beta launches have this statement at the top "15 questions per day on average is a healthy beta". Most of the sites that have launched in the last 2 years are far from 15 per ...
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How can I search proposals by status?

I'd like to be able to search proposals based on the phase they are currently in. For example, I might expect to be able to use terms like these: status:definition status:commitment status:private-...
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Understand "Total reputation"

My "total reputation" only shows my reputation from this site and from "Interpersonal skills". The reputation from all other sites like Stackoverflow, Mathoverflow, ... (about 20k) is not shown. Is ...
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Usability issue between the Discussion Zone and Staging Area

Related Questions (that I have read) Modal issue between Area 51 Staging Area and Discussion Zone What's the difference between discussion user and main user The discussion site for Area 51 should ...
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Why is there no per user limitation for down vote at the definition phase?

It seems quite normal to have a per user limitation of the up votes for each proposal (max: 5 up votes). But, I wonder why there is no symmetric per user limitation for the down votes. Right now, a ...
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